About CAZ

Dick Moore started the CAZ project with initial help from Julie Harrington and Dave Jemitus.
Since then, many people have stepped up to help, including:- Derek Hattersley, Ian Donaldson, Barry Alder, Vanessa Van Greunen, Michael Brown, Lee Galetta.

The Directors

Dick Moore

Richard Moore Attended Hertford Grammar school, but had to leave at 16 because his parents could not afford for him to continue full-time education. He became a carpenter and joiner, like his father, and took all the technical qualifications which allowed him to become a Work Study Engineer with the GLC Education Dept.
The bulk of his working life was spent as a Management Consultant in the NHS at all levels within the health sector. He was "poached" for a Senior Management post at St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey, where he managed most of the patient support services. He was heavily involved with staff support and charity work, was instrumental in getting the hospital prepared for 1st Gulf War casualties and receiving over 300 Bosnian refugees.
He retired on health grounds in 1998 after 33 years in the NHS.
He has been married to Annette for 40 years and has one son, Jason who livbes in new Mexico.

Why Dick Started CAZ

"What does one do when one has stared death in the face - Be grateful and get on with life!"

That was what happened to me when I nearly died 18 years ago from septicaemia caused by an insect bite in the French Market in New Orleans. On my delayed arrival back at St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey, where I was a Senior Manager, my consultant friends "pulled out all the stops" and tested me for "everything under the sun", prescribed antibiotics after which my temperature "went through the roof" and I don't remember anything for the next six months. For the following 2 years I did not work a full week and finally retired in 1998 and it took a further 10 years for me to get back to a useful life. I was diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, like ME, and have subsequently become type 2 diabetic. Being fortunate enough to have been given a fruitful but restricted life, I decided that I needed to do something to help others.

My son is Geologist/Palaeontologist and has spent the last 10 years working in various parts of America. Being retired my wife, Annette, and I spent a month living in "non-tourist" places and being exposed to how the "locals" live. One thing that struck me was that the Federal & State approach to delinquency and low esteem families seems not to be very successful. I became aware that small communities came together to provide mutual support and funding to try to sort out these problems in their communities.
Having done a lot of things to support various charities over the last few years, 3 years ago I came up with the idea of the Cool Activity Zone (CAZ) to provide "high impact" sports for teenagers, "low impact" sports for low esteem, poor income families, cultural and fun activities, career development and basic working skills for anyone.
I investigated the use of the area above Carpetright in Walton but found that the set-up cost was prohibitive given the short lease that had been offered. My "top-notch" Project Team and I are now seeking alternate venues with a view to opening CAZ in 2015.
Tremendous support is being given by Dominic Raab, Walton & Esher MP; Elmbridge & Surrey Councillors; Surrey Police; Walton Charity; local businesses and a "band of volunteers".

Barry Alder

Barry Alder
I live in Shepperton with my wife and daughter (12)

I have been in Financial Services for 36 years operating as an Independent Financial Adviser for the past 12 years.

I like golf, football, travelling and helping people.

Dave Jemitus

Dave Jemitus
I came across Dick working on the Mens Sheds project while I was at Brooklands Radio. I interviewed Dick about that project ansd we stayed in touch and when Dick started up CAZ, Brooklands Radio and I had to get involved.
I look after some of the technical aspects of the project including company registration, technical documents and the website.
I am a presenter on Brooklands Radio, a part time IT consultant, the manager of the League of Friends coffee shop in Walton Hospital and more.

My business website is at www.davidjemitus.com
I have a personal website which is at www.davidjemitus.name

Plus, my recent project is a website Fightback Online to help people to fightback against scammers, spammers and time-wasters.
My friend the Fightback Ninja has his blog at
Fightback Ninja Blog Fightback Ninja
broooklands Radio

Why Is CAZ a Community Interest Company?

We looked into whether CAZ should be a charity, a c.i.c or just an ordinary company.
Our intention is for CAZ to be able to run as a business hence it needs to be a company so we can raise invoices and pay bills.
This is possible but difficult as a charity as there are tight government rules on the actions of charities. Plus we intende to make profits and that doesn't fit with the definition of a charity.
However, we intend for all such profits to go straight back into CAZ to provide better facilities, free classes for people who can't afford to pay and free clasess for ligfe skills.
These intentions fit well with the definition of a Community Interest Company
So we went through the necessary process to be accepted as a cic and in March 2015 the government gave the green light and Cool Activity Zone is now a cic.